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Sweet Dreams
      little one....

 Like many parents, sleep can be a never ending power struggle with no end in sight. 

I'm here to change that.


Sleepless nights take a toll on the body. Sleep is not a luxury, although it feels that way now, it is an essential part of our wellbeing. Our daily tasks, relationships, mental focus and clarity all suffer when we are not getting enough sleep. 


You're sleep deprived yet still to find yourself night after night, rocking, bouncing, swaying, or lying with your child to get them to sleep? Only to be up at all hours repeating this same pattern all over again?

Do you feel guilty for feeling frustrated, defeated, and overwhelmed with your childs sleep?

Let's talk...

Common sleep struggles:

  • Transitioning from co-sleeping into a bed or crib

  • Constant rocking and feeding to sleep

  • Waking after put down

  • Transition from a crib to a "big kid" bed

  • Continuing to co-sleep

  • Long and exhausting struggles to get your child to sleep

  • Weaning your child from breast or bottle

  • Unwelcome little ones crawling into bed with you

  • Reduce the number of wakings or eliminate them all together 

  • Early morning rising 

  • No naps or short naps

Gentle Sleep Coaching is a gentle approach to helping your little one learn the skill of putting themselves to sleep, how to soothe back to sleep, and staying asleep. This is NOT a cry it out method. There is no tear free method of sleep training, but as a mom myself I encourage parents response to their child. Your child needs reassurance and to feel secure. Together we will find the best plan for you and your child so you can have peaceful nights once again.

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