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The Coach
Why choose Sweet Dreams Sleep Consulting?
With my clients I feel compelled to offer as much support as I possibly can. I will give you my time, attention, and knowledge to help as you gently train your child to sleep. 

It is important to me that I make myself available for questions you might have after our initial consult. I want to be here for you every step of the way. 
I offer unlimited text and email support depending on your needs because I truly care and I want the very best for you and your child. 
I'm Lauren, the coach behind Sweet Dreams Sleep Consulting. I'm a mom of two boys ages three and one. I am so glad you're here.
Almost four years ago I was a very sleep deprived and desperate new mom. My first born was never a good sleeper, he just couldn't quite figure it out, and neither could I. I had no idea that sleep is a learned skill. When he was 8 months old I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. Following my diagnosis my husband and I knew addressing our sons sleep needed to be a priority so I could take better care of myself.  After many failed attempts with other methods of sleep training, I stumbled upon a Gentle Sleep Coach. I had no idea there was such a thing.
I was skeptical, of course, she lived in a different state and if I as his mother could not get him to sleep, how was an out of state stranger going to coach me to help him sleep over the phone? Desperation led me to give it a shot. Let me just say, she was a God send. At 9 months old our son went from waking 6 times before midnight, and being awake from 2-5am every single night, to sweetly singing himself to sleep and having a full 12 hours each night. Naps fell into place too. I was amazed.
I found so much comfort in knowing we could respond to our babies when they needed reassurance.

Fast forward two years and we hired the same GSC to sleep coach with our second son. Success again! We chose to do coaching with him at an earlier age. He had colic, which is largely a symptom of infant reflux and milk protein allergy (both of which he had). By 6 months old he was sleeping wonderfully, and so was I!
As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach for your child I will encourage and support you. I can relate to many struggles new moms face. As a mom myself I have experienced babies who don't sleep. I have battled postpartum depression twice. I have survived the long, long days with a colicky baby. I have a son with GERD and milk protein allergy. I've been where many of you are, and it is HARD. I am here to reassure you that you WILL sleep again!
I am so thankful for the gift of sleep we were able to give to our children. Gentle Sleep Coaching helped us to teach our children the skills they needed to soothe and comfort themselves. They are truly so much happier now that they are well rested! (So are Mom and Dad!)​
Prior to becoming a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach I was a stay at home mom to my first born. Before having children my husband and I moved frequently for his job and I worked in different areas such as education, banking, and medical insurance. We now live in Houston, Texas where I am a stay at home/work at home mom to my two wild boys. 

Visit the blog to learn more about Lauren and Gentle Sleep Coaching
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